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You will find below a large amount of information regarding the different stages of the treatment journey. This involves initial consultations, discussion of various management options and finally putting your choice into action. Yorkshire Gynaecology operates out of private hospitals based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Find out more below.

Patient Information




The consultation process allows you to meet

Mr Campbell to discuss how best he can help. This will involve asking questions regarding what symptoms you may be experiencing, any examination deemed clinically appropriate (always with a female chaperone) and then finally discussing a personalised management plan.


Further diagnostic tests such as blood tests or imaging (Xrays, Ultrasound, CT or MRI scans) can be organised quickly. 


More than one consultation may be required in order to come to a diagnosis. After any treatments, follow up consultations are also offered.


All consultations take place in state-of-the-art private hospitals, whose details can be viewed below.



All aspects of Yorkshire Gynaecology patient care are conducted at either Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital or Spire Leeds Hospital

Mr Campbell also works at St James' University Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and Wharfedale Hospital for NHS practices. 

This is Yorkshire's largest private hospital based in a central city centre location near to Leeds General Infirmary (NHS hospital).

It has 80 inpatient beds (including 8 high-dependency beds) and fast access to multiple diagnostic imaging services on site.

Located in Roundhay, within 10 minutes of Leeds city centre and major routes from Harrogate, York and Bradford.

It has 88 inpatient beds (including 8 high-dependency beds), 6 operating theatres and access to modern radiology services.



Based upon your diagnosis an individual management plan will be discussed. A range of commonly treated conditions can be seen here. Treatment can involve either one of the following or a combination:


Examples include lifestyle changes and a watch and wait approach to symptoms.


This may include prescription medicines in order to manage symptoms, as well as physiotherapy and alternative therapies.


Sometimes a surgical procedure will be recommended. This can be in order to help diagnose a particular condition or to help manage it. Be assured that every step of the process will be explained fully to you. This includes any necessary pre-assessment with our anaesthetic team, the procedure itself and follow up. With any procedure there is always a degree of risk attached to it and this will be explained to you in depth so that you can always make an informed decision.

Note: Prior to any treatments all patients are required to have a consultation. Advice regarding a condition may change over time based upon your symptoms or new management techniques.



Both self-paying patients and referrals from private insurers are welcome.

Initial Consultation Fee                £200

Follow up Consultation Fee         £120

Fees for diagnostic tests and treatments will be made available after initial consultation. Surgical package fees are available from respective private hospital websites.

Couldn't have asked for anyone better to see me through my problems and the biggest operation I've had...

A thank you doesn't seem enough to express my appreciation for what you have done for me...


Quotes from patients

Thank you for all of the care and compassion you afforded us for the preparation and birth of [our] baby...

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